Product Information

Our arrows are made of Siberian Borovi pine and American turkey feathers. The adult shaft size is 11/32" diameter and up to 32" long, kids and youth arrows size is 5/16" diameter and 24" long. Every shaft's surface is handled with linseed oil leaving a naturally smooth and shiny surface.

All of our arrows provided with feather protecting bandage, the bandage is lacquered making it last a lot longer.

The stiffness of our shafts is measured and selected according to international custom. The strength of the bow is given on 28" draw length.

Larger draw lengths require a stiffer arrow. The chart is calculated for arrows with 125 grain tip. The draw weight changes one square less with every -25 grain or up with every +25 grain.

(for example if you were a 28" with a 50# draw weight and you changed to a 100 grain tip, the draw weight would change one square less, the spine will be a IV+.)


Spine chart

Popular feather shapes

 The length of the arrows, measured in inches from the base of the arrowhead to the location of the bow string. Below you can see an example of a 30" arrow.

Arrow length